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Guangdong Wealth-Depot Material Handling Co.,Ltd is one of the largest design and manufacturing enterprises of standard logistics containers. As the Smart Factory is about to formally put into production in Taizhou, Zhejiang at the beginning of 2014, Wealth-depot will have two factories individually located in Nanhai, Guangdong and Taizhou, Zhejiang with the workshops over 100,000 square meters.
Since 2012, all Wealth-Depot plastic logistics container and pallets have been embedded with ultrahigh frequency RFID chips, and Wealth-Depot makes decision to become a one-stop service provider including customization, material selection, tracking and sensing of smart logistics container, and attracts over two thousands clients in eight fields of wholesales and retail, e-commerce, food, textile, medicine/cosmetics and automobile, storage/distribution, public service in China mainland, and the products are exported to over twenty countries and regions in the world.
Wealth-Depot’s competitive products include antitheft logistics container, plastic crates, insulated dry ice containers, stacking containers for mini-load, containers for sorting system, heavy-duty pallets for racking, display pallets for shopping markets, pallets for cold chain, and pallets for 200 litres oil drum.

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