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Beijing OLM Software Development Limited ("OLM"), is a leading database and IT operations solutions and services provider. Since its inception in 1995, OLM has been associated with domestic enterprises rapid growth of information technology and growing, and focus on enterprise-level database services, thereby providing a one-stop operation and maintenance of IT solutions.

OLM adhere to software and service as a core value of the company's development, in addition to the current headquarters in Beijing, also were established in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu as the center, radiation East, South, West's offices in Nanjing, Wuhan, Hangzhou , Shenzhen and other places to set up offices to better serve OLM users.

OLM and international IT giants have maintained good cooperative relations, OLM currently has dozens of international renowned manufacturers certified engineers, formed a perfect technical team from engineers, senior technical adviser to; Oracle OLM or service business Authorizes distributors, Oracle China is an important partner of the company.

After years of steady accumulation, OLM in finance, insurance, telecommunications, labor and social security, oil, railways, finance and other industries to lay a solid foundation to win a valuable industry resources and rich experience in the implementation of applications, and the industry leading high-end software value-added service providers, and passed ISO9000 quality system certification.

Oriental Dragon Ma Bingcheng "professional focus, active service" concept, for the national industry to provide comprehensive solutions and professional technical services; Looking to the future, OLM will advance with the times, to expand the big data, and cloud computing-related business for China's information technology to make the greatest contribution.

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