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Star Computer

Fujian Start Computer Equipment Co., Ltd. is the largest design, development, production, sales and service in one of the terminals, printers, one solution provider of electronic payment products and solutions.

Adhering to the "application of scientific and technological innovation" business philosophy, the company's continued commitment to the major national financial sector, insurance, taxation, telecommunications, transportation, education, petrochemical, and other government agencies and information technology services, is China's first service system through ISO certification IT companies. As a national Torch Program focused on high-tech enterprises, the company has a high-quality, experienced professional team, scientific research repeatedly included in the national Torch Program, the state's key new products.

Over the years, the company always adhere to the "customer value-oriented," independent technology products in an efficient pace forward. Currently, Shida has covered the thin client terminal (Thin-Client), multifunction bills terminals, self-service terminals and applications to meet customer demand for the various peripheral products; Shida printers with their own R & D reports, bills, tickets, books, miniature dot matrix printer and other full range of products, its own intellectual property products in total sales of more than 90 percent; in the field of electronic payments, expanding the financial POS, multi-functional POS, multimedia self-service equipment, IC card equipment and other products. Meanwhile, the company also attaches great importance to technological innovation and international cooperation, is currently working with Microsoft, Intel and other famous IT giants to establish a solid deep partnerships can Duanmo international advanced technology and application development combine to provide customers with better products and the overall solution.

The future will continue to focus Shida terminals, printers, electronic payment three core areas, with a more suitable products and solutions for the continuous improvement of customer value and make unremitting efforts.

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